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Infrared Scans

Overheating and high-resistance connections can cause equipment to fail, leading to massive power outages and costly repairs. A lack of maintenance, poor connections, unbalanced loads, and a large demand on the electrical system can cause heat accumulation creating hot spots. Through infrared scanning and thermography, hot spots can be easily detected. Our Independent Testing Agency technicians have completed certification training provided by the Snell Group, the world’s leading expert on using infrared thermography (IR) and electrical motor testing (EMT).

ITA uses infrared scanning and thermography to catch electrical defects before they cause safety hazards or halt production. Independent Testing Agency documents the equipment’s location, name or identification number, and the type of item such as a fuse, wire, circuit breaker, etc. that was found defective. We also document all equipment tested, whether a problem was found or not.

Our reports will provide you with two different types of photos. An infrared photograph along with a corresponding digital photograph will aid in identifying potential problems more easily. Together with the advanced technology and clear computer-generated photos, precise testing of your electrical system can be accomplished without error.

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